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Word Match

Match each word in the left column with its synonym on the right. When finished, click Answer to see the results. Good luck!


Crossword Puzzle

The following crossword puzzle is Swedish style with the words in the puzzle squares and arrows indicating the beginning and direction of the word. It requires Internet Explorer with javascript and ActiveX enabled.

Finecrosser.com - crossword puzzle maker. Free on-line crosswords

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Spelling Bee

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Daily Words

The OneLook Word of the Day is .

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Word Search

This Word Search puzzle changes the word list each time you play it.



Sorry, you must have java enabled to see the anagram. If the anagram is not displayed, use a Java enabled browser and enable Java in your browser. See Why doesn't the puzzle display? for more information on enabling Java.

An anigram is an animated anagram that converts between the two words or phrases. This anigram is a phrase currently in the news. It's not really a game, but I hope you'll find it amusing.

Create your own anagrams

Word or phrase:

Enter a word, phrase or person's name and click the Get Anagram button. The list of anagrams will open in a new window at wordsmith.com. Use their Advanced search to refine the list.

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